Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What We're Into: Linda tries to Prioritize

People think stay-at-home moms have all the time in the world. Not true.
In fact, when Monday morning hits and the kids are at school, I don't know which direction to head in first. I feel scattered and pulled in myriad directions, unsure of what to tackle first:

food shopping, erranding (always a gazillion), scheduling doctor, dentist, orthodontist, car, and vet appointments, organizing a closet or cabinet, sorting through paperwork, taking a walk, calling friends to catch up, gift shopping, the list is endless.

I remember Mom calling it "the merry-go-round" and I didn't get it. 
Now I do: spinning like a top.

Prioritizing well is something I plan to really work on this year.
Health and family are at the top of the list - this I know for sure. Next is what my husband and sons need.  Basics of keeping the household running efficiently and serenely are next in line (wouldn't that be wonderful ... with three sons and a vociferous dog, I'm a helpless idealist.) Then the real challenge of prioritizing looms.

Which entreprenurial idea to tackle? Which lunch date to make? Who to visit? Which store to go to?  Which topics to learn about?  Blog template design and taking photos should be on the list; I'm amateurish at both.

Prioritizing well is an art of living skill.
I've heard it said: People first, things second.
This wisdom I adopt whole-heartedly.  So if one of the guys calls (and the 3-year-old calls often) and the dishes are piled high in the sink or the groceries are not put away, I'm off and running...

I think a big part of prioritizing is taking the time to carefully think through the options before deciding to have an "indoor day" (and tackling a million indoor things) or to get in the car. Prioritizing well might start with sitting down in the living room (one of my favorite rooms in our house - light colors, serene) more often ... to think ... and plan the day. This part sounds very appealing.

One more 2011 intention is set. I'll keep you posted if I make any headway.

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