Monday, February 14, 2011

Baking with Linda: Heart-Shaped Brownie for Valentine's Day

Soon after I was married, my mom gave me a heart-shaped baking tin. Now, nearly 19 years later, a heart-shaped brownie is our Valentine's Day dessert....following pale pink, heart-shaped raviolis with pink vodka sauce. This Valentine's meal, by candlelight in the dining room, has become a tradition in our family. Tonight we listened to Andrea Boccelli, which was perfect.
Ghirardelli - our Favorite Brownie Mix
Follow the recipe on the box. I use one bag of brownie mix for my approximately 10-inch baking pan. Ideally, use organic eggs and olive oil in place of vegetable oil. Serve with a dusting of confectioner's powdered sugar, strawberries, festive swirls of whipped cream, and glasses of cold milk!

If there are coffee lovers in your family, you may want to try 1/3 cup espresso or coffee in place of the 1/3 cup water called for in the Ghirardelli brownie recipe. A delicious mocha flavor results.

Happy Valentine's Day.
 ~ Linda

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