Thursday, February 10, 2011

What We're Buying: I Love My New White Plates!

I recently bought new everyday china.  After years with my old pattern, I was missing a few mugs, a few bowls, and a few dishes.  It was time for a fresh start.  After looking at many patterns and many stores, I solid white round plates at HomeGoods.  The brand is The Palm - they are marketed as restaurant quality dishes from The Palm Restaurant.  The dishes have a rim that is slightly raised, which is very attractive. They are bone china rather than stoneware, which means that they are very light - which makes it so much easier to carry a stack of plates to the table.  They have a nice shine to them.  HomeGoods also has boxed sets of Palm dishes, but they are porcelain.  The bone china is sold by the individual piece.  I was lucky to get an entire sets of twelve (mugs, bowls, dinner plates and lunch plate) individual pieces. 

I've owned many patterns over the years but I love solid white.  Food looks beautiful on a solid white plate.  The food is what stands out without the distraction of a patterned background or color.  Using solid white dishes lets you decorate your table according to the season.  You can change the mood of the table by using different colored placemats, napkins, and glassware.

For formal dinners, I love my timeless Lenox Eternal china.  It is solid off-white, with an elegant gold border.  I have had this china for many years and have never grown tired of it.
~ Laura

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