Monday, January 31, 2011

What We're Doing: Reflecting on a very Happy 16th Birthday Party

Friends' Sneakers in the Foyer -
Can you believe there's a bunch in the closet!
Our eldest turned 16. He invited 25 friends over; our 13-year-old had 10 or so buddies over as well. Of course, family was here.  Initially, I was putting the sneakers in the foyer closets, then I gave up ... to the pile shown here! Proudly sporting his Air Jordan 12 sneakers, our 3-year-old sneaker aficionado jumped in for the photo!

These boys were terrific, as each and every one of them took off his sneakers (without being asked) and several used the paper towels to wipe down the foyer floor...  again, without being asked. Polite and respectful, what amazing young men they are!  Our sons have a knack for choosing terrific friends. For this, my husband and I are very grateful.
Dessert Buffet - Something for Everyone
Feeding 35 teenage boys means big quantity. 18 feet of hero sandwiches, four pizzas, Buffalo wings, side salads, and chips n dip are tasty but nothing beats the dessert table: berry salad, walnut-carrot cake (unbelievable), lots of cookies, Ghirardelli Double Chocolate brownies (our family favorite), homemade pear tart, and my girlfriend's scrumptious medley of chocolate (a decadent mix of dark and milk) and candy-covered pretzels and marshmallows beautifully served on a large winter-white Ikea serving tray.

Happy Birthday! We love you!

~ Mommy (Linda)

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