Friday, December 10, 2010

Gift-Wrapping & Recycling

Nice-looking boxes sometimes come with things we order online, like these shiney red ones in which a keyboard and an electronic part were shipped!  I tucked these away in my gift closet, planning to use them for Christmas or Valentine's Day.  Well, Christmas is here and I've already found uses for them: one contains a cardigan; the other, a leather wallet.

Recyling and money-saving combined. No need for gift bags, gift boxes, or wrapping paper! Simply glue-gun some seasonal greenery (shown here) or a silk flower. Or, as my mom has always done, tie on a pretty ribbon or nonbreakable ornament for a festive touch.
No Need for Gift Bags or Wrapping Paper:
Just Glue-on or Tie-on an Adornment!

Economizing Key:  If you don't have spare ornaments, artificial greenery, or silk florals lying around, take a restorative nature walk and treasure-hunt outdoors: you can naturally adorn your boxes (or even plain brown bags) by hot gluing pine cones, acorns, or sprigs of natural greenery.

Ornaments and trinkets can personalize the cards and gifts that you give to family and friends.  A beautiful ribbon, like this lacy and gauzy ivory one (pictured below), makes your card special. The added texture and trinket can help prevent the envelope from being misplaced. The receiver of your card or gift will be touched by the extra care you took in giving this birthday, holiday, communion, or sympathy card a little extra TLC.

Adorn Greeting Cards to Add
a Personal Touch
Keep your eyes open for ornaments, dangling trinkets and charms that you can squirrel away and have handy for all-year-round use. Surprisingly, I've found some beautiful adornments at dollar stores, which are very affordable, especially when sold in 2-packs.  
No Need to find the Right Size Gift Box.
Effortlessly Wrap this Large Pottery Barn "Winter Caribou" Platter
and Body Spray in a Reusable Basket Bag
Ornaments Add a Festive Touch to Gift-Wrapping
French Wired Ribbon is my Favorite

~ Linda


  1. Your gifts are beautifully and thoughtfully wrapped. You inspired me to take more time and care when wrapping Thank you!

  2. I am glad you like these gift wrapping ideas. It's a fun and easy way to exercise your creativity. Enjoy and thx for reading!!