Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decorating: At Home Still-Life

"Surround yourself with the beautiful" my mother has always told me.  Of course, what is beautiful for one might not be so lovely to look at for another.  An interior decorating and antiques enthusiast, my mother whimsically and ethereally accents her home with a variety of sculptural cherubs: cherubs as lamps, as bookends, wooden cherubs in flight atop doorways, a pedestal cherub holding a large shell above her head ... used as soap holders in the bathroom.
Statuary of little boys appeals most to me, as I have three wonderful sons (my "son-shines"); two are teenagers (excuse the cliche, but Wow, time flies!), one a vivacious and joyful preschooler.

34 degrees today in brisk December, but - every time I pass by it in my center foyer - this grouping of garden statuary and vibrant silk flowers cheerfully reminds me of the warm, bright spring days that are soon to be ours again.  The bronze boy holds a turtle; the beige boy, a butterfly. The garden outdoors is inside our winter home . 

Given to my husband and I last Christmas from our siblings, my favorite is the largest statue. I call it "the three brothers." The littlest one (at left) represents our delicious three year old.

Beautiful statuary and silks can be found at nurseries (LI's Martin Viette is a treasure trove in this regard) and at Michael's craft stores (keep your eyes peeled for their 50% off coupons). Warm up winter by bringing in spring - silk florals and garden statuary can add spirit-lifting accents to your home.

~ Linda

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